Airen 6 FM in Seoul~ My Fan Account as “Best Airen”

Lee Seung Gi Forever

I don’t have any fanpics or fancams uploaded from the fan meeting since I was busy preparing for that day.  I live north outside of Seoul, about an hour and 15 minutes away from the Airen 6 FM.  By the time I had arrived, it was almost 4:30pm and I quickly got in line to get my tickets and Airen souvenirs. Unfortunately, all the Airen t-shirts were sold out but I was able to purchase a Seung Gi badge and a lightstick. Here comes my defining moment…As I turned to walk towards the coffee shop, I saw the big easel covered with post-it messages, mostly in Korean, some in English. The title of the easel was “Find the Best Airen”.  You had to write an accomplishment or something you did because of Seung Gi. I was almost going to pass it by since I never win these kinds of events…

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