14.10.10 TL Support Event Proof Shots 5 – Lee Seung Gi

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Is this a photo spree? 😛

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Airen 6 FM in Seoul~ My Fan Account as “Best Airen”

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I don’t have any fanpics or fancams uploaded from the fan meeting since I was busy preparing for that day.  I live north outside of Seoul, about an hour and 15 minutes away from the Airen 6 FM.  By the time I had arrived, it was almost 4:30pm and I quickly got in line to get my tickets and Airen souvenirs. Unfortunately, all the Airen t-shirts were sold out but I was able to purchase a Seung Gi badge and a lightstick. Here comes my defining moment…As I turned to walk towards the coffee shop, I saw the big easel covered with post-it messages, mostly in Korean, some in English. The title of the easel was “Find the Best Airen”.  You had to write an accomplishment or something you did because of Seung Gi. I was almost going to pass it by since I never win these kinds of events…

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Seung Gi’s Japan Debut Single~ Time for Love~ Renai Jidai (恋愛時代)~ Scans of Photo Booklet

Lee Seung Gi Forever

An oldie but goodie for slow days like today.  This is the Japanese edition of Seung Gi’s Japan Debut single, Time for Love. Thanks again to Bisso for the HQ scans of the mini booklet that came with the CD.  His album was released on March 6, 2012 and is one of his classics. Seung Gi is trilingual. He speaks Korean, Japanese, and English.  This album is available in Japanese as well as in Korean. A Japanese Airen friend of mine was kind to send me one direct from Japan.  🙂

swl1swl2swl3swl4swl5swl6swl7swl8swl9swl10swl11swl12swl13swl14Credit: jejuslov

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