It’s Okay, That’s Love (Ep 10 Recap)

Drama for Real

Who is the first to find out Kang Woo does not exist? And plus, we finally find out who is the real murderer!!!

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A message from Lee Seung Gi before FM Airen 6/ Un mensaje de Lee Seung Gi antes de la Reunión de Fans Airen 6

Lee Seung Gi



Message from Seung Gi~ August 21, 2014

Good morning on a rainy day~!                                                      2014.08.21


Today is quite a rainy morning^^
I usually don’t like rainy days but today is a comfortable and
Sentimental morning ㅎㅎ
Just like in Noonas over Flowers, I have a standlight on and am sitting down, leaving you a message^^

Because I’m nervous and looking forward to the fan meeting on Sunday the 24th,I am writing down a few words unexpectedly^^

It’s a fan meeting that I am holding in Korea in a long time. Meanwhile, because I haven’t done much variety, the opportunity to interact with fans also
has decreased. In addition, work in which I have to do in secret has also increasedㅋㅋDrama. Movie, those are it.

Before I was aware of it, when I think about us being together for 10 years, my heart is overwhelmed and  I am reminded…

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