Super Fun Drama Chat Time: You’re All Surrounded 19 & 20 (Finale)

Lore In Stone Cities

‘Ello Love! Lore and I have concluded yet another edition of Super Fun Drama Chat Time with You Are All Surrounded! So basically this show was about (once again) the almighty won, deception, and unnecessary deaths. Luckily, we were able to wrap this show up with a bow and an awkward kiss!


Ekun: So You Are All Surrounded is over!‏ *Happy dance when a drama is completed*

Lore: Yes, it is! And I can sum up my reaction to the last two episodes in five words- What the f**k was that?!‏

Ekun: LOL!!! This is why the drama should have only been 16 episodes. Everything in these last 2 episodes was like a circus and circle of the stuff we already knew! They just added more drama to it which was total boo boo‏.

Lore: I had a thought while I was face palming and wondering what the heck…

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